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Completing a slice

Slices are composed of a collection of related questions. These questions will usually be multiple choice, although they may also consist of a text box with which you can provide a written response.

To answer a multiple choice question, check the boxes or buttons next to the answer or answers which you believe reflect most closely the correct response. Some questions allow multiple selections, while some only allow a single selection. The text 'Select one' or 'Select all that apply' will let you know which variety of question it is.

To answer a text box question, simply type your response in the box.

When you have answered the questions to your satisfaction, click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page. To reset your answers, click the 'Clear answers' button.

Note that multiple choice questions may be scored. This is done by assigning each option a weight and giving you the score relevant to each option you have selected. Some options may have negative weights, so it is not advisable to choose all possible options on questions where multiple selections are allowed.